About Our Products

Printed images

All our prints are made with high quality 280gsm platinum acid free paper , using Epson Ultra K3 pigment inks. These inks are guaranteed by the manufacturer to remain fade free for many years provided that they are not subjected to direct sunlight. All prints are produced in a matte finish.


Canvases are made using Breathing Colour “Lyve” 480gsm canvas and printed with Epson Ultra K3 inks.

Gallery Wrapped Canvas Corners
Gallery Wrapped Canvas Corners

Stretcher bars – Alternative materials such as Fir Pine, typically imported from China, have the advantage of being cheaper but tend to feel lighter, and we find them more prone to cracking or splitting. They’re generally also rougher to touch and might be more difficult to put together which is why we opt for ‘real’

Photographic rear-canvas
Photographic rear-canvas. Wooden adjustment pegs

European Manufactured stretcher bars. This is knotless pine.

Each canvas is laminated with a matte finish using a heated vacuum press,after which the canvas is stretched over the frame. Thus, the print is protected from scuff and scratches, and allows you to wipe over with a soft damp cloth should you need to do so.

A wooden peg is driven in to each corner of the frame so that,if sometime later your print loses its tension, a light tap with a hammer will tighten it again.


Our table placemats and coasters are produced by a process called heat sublimation. This process involves printing the image on a specialist paper using specialist inks. It is then placed with the wooden mat into a heat press and heated to 190 degrees centigrade. During this process the ink changes to a gas, which then permeates the surface of the mat.

Once done the mat will maintain a high gloss finish, and colors will not fade.

All of our table place mats and coasters are cork backed.